Dating zubchenko

So the men were probably somewhat disconcerted when I arrived on the scene.They had to put aside their usual ways of doing business, and I think this helped me to be successful.To date, Center-invest bank has lent 300 businesswomen a total of 400 million rubles to develop their businesses.In addition, Center-invest bank holds business breakfasts for businesswomen.This is why our drivers have stayed with us for many years. But instead I went into the transport sector and it turned out that this was to be my life.And however hard it is, I really enjoy working in this area.The considerable differences in management style are also important.I always try to base my relationships with colleagues on the principles of collegiality and mutual trust.

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There have been seventeen business breakfasts to date (ten in Russia and seven in London) and they have been attended by more than 400 proactive and dedicated women.

Traditionally, in Russian society, and indeed elsewhere, women have been given a fairly modest role.

A woman should look after the house and be a good wife and mother. But in my case it turned out that I was to work in a “male” business sector, freight transportation.

Our company has been transporting freight across Russia, Kazakhstan and Ukraine since 2011. I won’t lie; setting up this business was pretty challenging. I am guided by the principles of empathy, trust and transparency.

This has allowed me to create my own “female” management style.


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