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we wanted it to be for a good purpose.”“The same way with the back part that will go to the city,” he said.

“(The city) will be able to make a nice bike trail and park out of it. It may not be an amusement park, but it will be something for the public.”READ more about the sale and Butler Tech's expansion.

The Sorg Opera House doubles up as a historical site and a place for great opera performances.

Those who love theatre can enjoy the performances at the Middletown Lyric Theater.

Butler Tech officials said the .75 million purchase of 36 acres along the western border of Monroe will lead to a new adult education campus for the career school system.

The property along Ohio Route 4 just south of the State Route 63 intersection includes the adjacent lot of what used to be Couch’s Campers as well as the former amusement park property.

Examples of restaurants that serve finger-licking delicacies in this city include Marce's Sabor and Grecian Delight.

Residents who would like to indulge their thrill seeking side can visit Start Skydiving.

The balloon festival has become a draw for people from all over the region who would like to enjoy this city's splendor from above.The weather is quite welcoming, regardless of the season, and residents can have a splendid date with nature throughout the year.For these residents, community is king and most events are organized to foster a spirit of togetherness.“Acquiring this property allows us to increase our educational space in a cost-efficient manner, while also giving a new life to one of the most nostalgic sites in Butler County.”Work on the new Butler Tech campus will first focus on renovation of an existing 27,000 square foot building and an adjacent 13,000 square foot high-bay building, according to Butler Tech officials.Officials said they hope to have adult education classes in the new space by August 2018, but have not yet determined what fields of career education and training will be offered.The joint development plan also includes an easement for a public road through the Butler Tech property that will connect Monroe’s park space to Ohio Route 4.


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