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Rather than fall into the trap of buying something floaty, sheer and floral, I think that if you choose something black, fitted and a little severe, you will stand out in a crowd.

But I really object to the fact that it is seen as perfectly acceptable to criticise women for spending money on a few beautiful, well-made clothes, rather than blowing it on alcohol, fast cars, football season tickets and food - all of which are bad for the environment.

Although the M&S range has come on in leaps and bounds, you will be in grave danger of turning up on the beach, however far-flung, in the same bikini as the woman on the next sun-lounger.

No more expensive is the new summer collection by Kate Moss at Topshop: I like her pretty vintage kaftans and the floral bikinis.

Last week, sitting outside a cafe in Bath, I could not believe how badly dressed all the young women who walked past me were. They were overwhelmingly pastel, or self-consciously floral.

A great many seem to have taken the clearly bonkers advice from glossy magazines and were wearing short suits, maxi-dresses (mostly the brown and orange beaded monstrosity from Primark) and lots of linen.


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