Updating usb drives

The files that are corrupt or in bad sectors already will not work but at least the new transferred files should work.Remember formatting flash drives will delete all the data from your USB drive and make it fresh and hopefully remove all errors.You can download and use a free tool USB Drive Disabler/Enabler which will allow you to easily enable or disable USB drives on your Windows computer. If a USB storage device is already installed on your Windows computer, you can edit the Windows Registry to ensure sure that the USB does not work when anyone connects it to the PC, using this Microsoft Fix it 50061.Check first if it applies to your version of the Windows operating system.To make things work, just install the device drivers. As when you plug-in your USB drive, Windows will check for drivers, if not found Windows will prompt you to install the driver.This would definitely unlock the Pen drive at your School or office.Check out for any possibility in the Device Manager and enable the disabled port by right clicking on selected one and click Enable.If the authorities are really worried about security in the school, they will take the extreme step of uninstalling the USB Mass Storage Drivers.

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Always check by opening your important files before that important presentation. Transfer another copy of the file with a renamed version – it may work..

So the problem was in a data storage as the transfer was smooth.

An important precaution is not to remove the pen drive while the data is being transferred. Go to ‘Safely remove hardware’ (green arrow icon art bottom right corner).

Again, how often has your data been stolen because someone connected an unauthorized USB to your computer and copied your files?

Well, you don’t need to worry because the solution to disable or enable USB Ports is pretty simple.


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