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To address this, we added a checkbox in the config designer that lets you target the version you’ve installed globally: If you check the checkbox, the version selection dropdown becomes disabled and shows you which version you have installed globally: You’ll note that the dropdown is now grayed out and is displaying that the project will use the gobally installed Cordova version 5.3.3. NET column I showed how to retrieve rows that hold JSON objects by querying on values in those objects’ properties.Because my JSON object doesn’t have a Signup Dates property, my previous update statement will give me this: As that discussion suggests, you can also use append to add a new property to a JSON object.As AJAX becomes more prevalent, JSON is only going to become more important.We are planning on publishing another blog post in the future detailing the parameters necessary to make this work.In Update 5, we will show this info bar whenever you are targeting a Cordova version that is not on the latest version number.If you do much development in CRM and use visual studio for your JS development and deployments you will find yourself missing the native intellisense feature that is so handy to have when using the IDE.

Because JSON_QUERY returns a string, using JSON_QUERY in a Where clause is … challenging: The JSON object you might be comparing has to be a character-to-character match to the JSON fragment that JSON_QUERY returns.The JSON path expressions I discussed in my previous column allow you to refer to an object in the array using a zero-based index enclosed in brackets ([]).A query to retrieve the first name of the second item in my sample array would look like this: Using the array syntax to access a column that doesn’t contain an array or to retrieve a position in the array that doesn’t exist will return either NULL or an error, depending on whether you’re in lax or strict mode (the default is lax so my previous query would return NULL if either the Name or First properties don’t exist).This query sets the Is Premium property of every Customer’s JSON object in the Last Update column to false while updating the row’s Last Update column with the changed JSON object: JSON’s "flexibility" (for want of a better word) can trip you up here.If the JSON object’s Signup Dates property doesn’t contain an array, nothing will be added; If the JSON object doesn’t have a Signup Dates property, then one will be added, holding an array with one value in it.You can then join that virtual table to its row using CROSS APPLY.


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