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I am definitely against stereotyping and I’d like to state a disclaimer here: each individual have unique lives and what I wrote here doesn’t apply to every men in Israel.The girls whom I shared the same love and passion for Israel as a country would agree but I am in no way expecting you to do the same.Most guys get ignored here because of the lack of interest Israeli women parade every time they are offered drinks or forced by a guy to engage in a small talk. It will take a big blog of creativity to knock them off their feet. All they have to do is to ask nicely and the whole of Israel will combine their forces to make it happen. So, 2 weeks ago, me and my girl friends prayed: is a big responsibility because you are in control of every situation.And oh yeah, yes, these badass women went to the army too. When things get awkward, challenging and out of control, there is no one to blame but you.But bear in mind that most Israeli guys are really looking for somebody to love.I think it’s a social must to be in a relationship or get married in Israel, just because.For many, it appeals as a negative form but for those who understand, difficult is good. This is so much different as oppose to some men from other countries who will curse at you, be aggressive and say I am not Jewish (but I want to convert just so I can live in Israel longer) but I am very much aware about the religious practices of the jews.You see, picking up an Israeli woman is the hardest task (and most expensive) in this country. Yom Kippur is a Hebrew holiday which you are to repent and say sorry for the meanest things you’ve ever done in your life.

Yes, I have more guy and gay friends because I tend to carefully choose the women in my circle.Not the other way around because you know, they are very polite. You should be the girl who leaves the next morning but receiving this Ivy League hospitality changes the game.Your jumping act will be fiercely, wildly and passionately reciprocated, I tell you that. It leads many foreign women to get head over heels with an Israeli guy because they don’t make it difficult.Tonight, I will arrange you to go out with one of my guy friends and tomorrow, you will text me what juice you got, okay? I mean the juice is a plus but there should be water, at least.”“Agreed. From calling the bank, to installing the wifi, to storing my stuff while I am away, to getting my bike repaired, I’ve had my Israeli guy friends in Tel Aviv running errands for me and I didn’t even ask.As a new resident here, I am entitled to an unlimited cards of questions that have been useful in many situations.Trisha is one of those people who left their comfortable life to travel the world and learn about life.


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