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By way of example, skipping or missing a class where a test or an in-class assignment was announced will not excuse a student from that test or assignment.3) Regular attendance is taken for each class and both absenteeism and lateness will be recorded on the attendance sheet and forwarded to the Administration Office.

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Faculty members endeavor to be open and fair in dealing with students’ concerns, thus students are encouraged to speak with the faculty member(s) involved in the matter.It indicates the total hours you studied per week and the length of your study.Details of a student’s academic results and attendance can be added if requested.Student may be asked to provide documentation to support the absence (i.e. Unexcused absences from tests and exams may result in a score of zero (0).2) The instructors may use their discretion to determine if extensions on assignments will be granted.1) Academic penalties often begin with the awarding of a zero on the assignment/project/test for the first offence and a notification from the Student Service Manager, in writing, of the offence.


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