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I interviewed Jeavons, founder of Philly Jacks since 1993; Steve Thomas, coordinator and self-described “Jack Officer” of NY Jacks since 2010; and Sean, who co-founded the Orlando Jacks in 2002 with his husband.

I wanted to learn more about how their respective clubs came to be, how they operate and how they continue to thrive in this age of mobile apps and online hookups.

He manhandled my furry ass and utterly destroyed my nipples.

I came within a matter of minutes, holding him close to me as I shuddered, my cum squirting into my cupped hand.

It was just 60 men playing together; it was just such a beautiful thing.

And I kept on thinking that somebody else would do it in Philadelphia because it was so needed.

In my early 20s, after a lifetime jerking off to pro-wrestling, stolen porno mags and internet smut, I learned of an Amsterdam jerk-off bar called Stablemaster. As a recent college grad, I’d never participated in a daisy chain or game of “soggy biscuit” before, and I’d certainly never been to a jerk-off bar — Dallas, Texas, didn’t have them, and back when it did, they’d occasionally get raided by the cops.

For the last 24 years, Jeavons has held Philly Jacks’ weekly jerk-off events in this space, which doubles as the city’s Radical Faerie sanctuary and his home.After sighing a breathless “Thank you,” I unceremoniously slapped my wad into a nearby paper towel, threw it away while washing my hands and returned to Albo to get my clothes.While getting dressed, I noticed something exceptional — men of every age, race and body type began emerging from the stairwell and disrobing: a short, Asian 40-something with a trimmed bush and tattoos; a tall Latino in his 20s with a Prince Albert and a mustache; a muscular, Middle Eastern 30-something with bulging pecs and an ass made of dreams.Nobody had engaged him yet, but I wondered, I’ve since been informed that certain websites and apps cater to his age, but what a hassle, especially when there’s a jerk-off club filled with hot guys right in his own city.Ever since then, I’ve become obsessed with setting up a jerk-off club in Dallas, which brings me to this story.Two frumpy, grey-haired men — the only ones in the entire bar — beckoned us to enter, but we left without so much as a hello or a drink.


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